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How To Travel w/Ecigs


There has been some trouble lately with ecigs igniting in the carry-ons or in people’s pockets. (and recently w/a cell phone!)
First, understand that our phones, laptops and other electronics all run with lithium batteries. The same battery that runs an Ecig. Why aren’t we seeing this same problem with those? Aside from the one cell phone that started on fire while an airline passenger was watching a movie on it)
Second, notice the way it is stored and used in those other products. And how they are turned off at take off and landing.

When an eGo (lithium Ecig battery) is shipped to the U.S.A. it is shut off, wrapped in a cellophane cover and individually packaged in cardboard boxes. It also helps to be dealing w/a good, name brand, battery! I can’t stress this last part enough! “Generic” just means PROBLEM, or POORLY MANUFACTURED!

Here is a way to more safely travel with Ecigs:

1.) Only purchase NAME BRAND Ecigs (the battery part)

Vapeonly Brand Name Battery Example

2.) Make sure that the batteries are turned off while on the plane (or in your carry-on, or pocket) – Most name brand eGo type batteries turn off by pushing the button 3 to 5 times quickly, depending on the brand. The quickness of this method may differ only slightly from battery to battery. Watch the button flash on it’s own after the 3 to 5 quick mashes. This is an indicator that the battery turned off. Push the button just once after you see this to make sure it doesn’t light up – so you’ll know it’s off!

3.) Make sure that there is either an empty cartomizer on the ‘turned off battery’ – or – the ‘turned off battery’ is wrapped separately with cellophane or wax paper and then carried separately in a small card board box with no other battery, or object in that boX!

eGo Batteries with Box

Ask your vape shop for the box the battery came in when you’re ready to travel. Or use the box your liquid bottle came in.

4.) With your ‘name brand’ battery (listed below) is turned off, wrapped, capped and boxed – your chance of having it misfire or malfunction is GREATLY reduced!!

— The terminal end of your eGo, the part you screw your atomizer on, should NOT touch metal. Like change in your pocket or the zipper on your packed jacket! If the battery is on and the button gets depressed when it touches metal it’s a fire waiting to happen REALLY quickly.


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