About Us

It began in Panama City Beach, Florida with an old automatic e-cig I previously bought from a kiosk in Birmingham, Alabama. I wanted to find parts that would work because I had gone back to smoking almost 2 packs a day. Smokin’ Vapor opened up their first store-front shop on Thomas Drive and I met Nick Switala who helped me find a 510 battery and an atomizer. From there, I started to get serious about vaping. It provided a means for me to stop smoking and keep my wife and oldest son safe from dangerous second hand smoke. After learning all of the little things that could go wrong with the earlier models, I found the way to make them work. Nick eventually talked me into trying the eGo series that had just come out (I was determined to use something as small as a cigarette) and I was very happy with the difference. After time and many visits to the shop, I met Lori, the owner and continued to shop there because I always got great service, products and she loved my kids. Through them I stopped smoking altogether (I smoked one or two per day for a while until Nick made some helpful suggestions) and eventually got a job with them. Through God’s providence (I fully believe this) I embarked on the best job I have ever had. Daily prayer for the success of the business and for my performance prompted all kinds of growth and learning until, after working for them for about two and a half years, they (Lori and her husband Phil) were gracious enough to help me open my very own store in Hoover, Alabama. As fellow believers, their belief that the company is “family run and owned by God” has been my adopted motto for the store that He has so generously given me to run. To this day, I thank God and the Switalas for this opportunity.

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